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Koslow’s Furs is known as the largest fur retailer in Texas. We have the most extensive selection of furs in every imaginable style, size and fur type. We also make to measure custom fur and leather garments. For over 80 years, Koslow’s has had a reputation of offering excellent quality, service, and prices for quality fur garments in the Dallas area.

Koslow’s Furs caters to all, including customers wanting casual accessories to couture formal garments as well as furs and leather for men. In addition to new fur and leather garments, Koslow’s offers many other services including fur cleaningfur storagefur repairfur restyling (of existing fur coats), fur insurance, and monogramming services.

During the warmer months, we can safely and securely store your furs in our pest-free, climate-controlled, and light-controlled vault. Our master furrier is available to inspect, repair, and clean your furs when you bring your fur coats or other garments in for storage or at any other time.

Koslow’s offers fur restyling, which can breathe new life into your old, tired, or out-of-date fur coats. Our master furrier will work with you to create a new style custom fitted to you and your individual tastes and preferences. Choosing to restyle your existing fur can give you a new garment often for as little as a quarter of the cost of buying new.

Whatever your fur or leather need, our knowledgeable fashion consultants and restyling experts are always at your disposal.

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